About Us

Jiangxi Da jiang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Enterprise Culture

Dajiang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. - established in August 2016, is a comprehensive accessory supplier focusing on commercial vehicles, large SUVs and luxury sedan conversions, committed to providing products, services and kits for various conversion shops (stores).

Company service principle: complete products, year-round, all-day order taking, quick quotes, refundable and exchangeable products, quick after-sales solutions, and associated VAT services.

【Dajiang intelligent tuning】 All customer-centric, serving customers worldwide!

Who We Are

With Jiangsu as the first stop, we set up storage procurement and product development outlets in Changzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Yiwu and other places.

We provide accessories, kits, solutions and operation services for major auto dealers, second-hand car dealers, modification plants and modification shops.

We have complete products, professional team, quick quotation and 24 hours service.

Products can be refunded or replaced, quick after-sales solution, associated with other value-added services.


With a professional team of nearly 100 people, DaJiang has been co-working together with five Design teams, dozens of mold opening manufacturers, hundreds of parts supply manufacturers in China, serves more than 3000 loyal customers, who has been widely recognized and with a good reputation in this industry.

While consolidating the domestic market, we are doing our efforts to expand overseas markets, to serve global customers.

The main products include body kits, luggage rack, headlight, taillight, ceiling light, atmosphere light, ceiling TV, navigation, rear entertainment, touch screen control system, partition, bar chair, aviation seat, curtain, threshold bar, two rear cabin suite, etc.

What We Offer

Currently we have professional modification and upgrading kits for Mercedes V260(Vito), Buick GL8, Toyota Sienna/Alphard/Velfire, Honda Odyssey /Elysion, Trumpchi M8, Toyota Land Cruiser, Nissan Patrol, Mercedes GLS, Land Rover and other high-end cars.

DaJiang is with "all customer-centric" business philosophy, to serve all the global customers.